Core Values

We Foster Development

Discipleship is a collective journey.  It is immediately reciprocated as one who is being discipled is simultaneously discipling another.  We learn most effectively ... experientially.  The goal of discipleship is not to remain in a nest but to venture out and fly.  Within the context of prayer we diminish unnecessary demands and expectations as authentically-lived relationships remain our focal point.

We Pursue Relationships

Discipleship is not passively hidden within another book.  It is lived out in our family and therefore unpredictably messy. We are not professionals but relational practitioners willing to venture beyond our fears and reservations.  We are propelled forward because God's grace is working in our lives and our desire for others to know and worship Him is more important than our passivity.

We Practice Hospitality

Because our priority is discipleship within our family we are cultivating opportunities for relational reconciliation and God's redemptive work.  As we love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, & strength we are blessed with neighbors who receive our first-fruits of gratitude.  Because the Lord has blessed us, we seek to be a blessing to others in our steadfast availability to practice hospitality.

We Create Fun

Relational discipleship is not daunting but a complete delight!  Getting to know our neighbors and praying for them ushers enthusiasm for our willingness to care for their needs.  To celebrate what brings them joy.  To share the Gospel as we extend ourselves to serve actual needs we discover.  And to know we are part of a greater movement in other neighborhoods ushering real reconciliation and eternal redemption.