Crew Leader

Enjoys the blessing of an enduring P.I.T. Crew.

What We're Looking For

01. Identify two (2) neighbOURs who will commit to regularly pray as a Personal Intercessory Team (P.I.T.) Crew; 

02. Assemble together at a minimum of once every month and ideally weekly to encourage and pray for one another; 

03.  Covenant to each pray for five (5) non-believer neighbOURS anticipating opportunities to care & share; 

04. Adding a fourth member multiplies Triad into two (2) P.I.T. Crews who diligently pray for a third.  Continually multiply until Triad are literal neighbOURs;  

05. Encourage believers at church, work, and school to begin their Personal Intercessory Team (P.I.T.) Crew;

06.  Share celebrations and concerns as the greater neighbOURhood collaborates expectant in God's faithful provision.


Manages NeighbOURhood by connecting resources within the census Block Group Geo-Unit.

What We're Looking For

01. Maintain faithfulness to weekly worship in the local congregation where you remain a member in good standing;

02. Successfully multiplying Personal Intercessory (P.I.T.) Crews so as to remain engaged in a prayer-care-share lifestyle;

03. Attentively listen to celebrations, concerns, and missional aspirations among Crew Leaders;

04. Discern and deploy available relational assets in direct response to the prayers in coordination with your County Navigator.

05. Encourage believers within your census block geo-unit to begin their Personal Intercessory Team (P.I.T.) Crew;

06.  Attentively listen and explore opportunities for missional genero$ity.


Manages a public school Geo-Unit
by supporting respective NeighbOURhood Connectors.

What We're Looking For

01. Recommended among peers as one who effectively managed neighbOURhood block as Connector;

02. Desire to ask questions to aid & assist Connectors resolve conflict, inspire missional innovation, and communicate concerns & celebrations among Personal Intercessory Team (P.I.T.) Crews;

03. Listen to NeighbOURhood Connectors with utmost empathy;  

04. Primary emphasis is upon serving the local schools (public & private) located within your geo-code;

05.  Attend annual Prayer Summit and participate in monthly gatherings to discover what is happening beyond the neighbOURhood;

06.  Personally invest to spur missional innovation within your geo-unit;


Manages a County Geo-Unit by appropriating relevant missional opportunities to participating congregations, Catalysts, and Connectors.

What We're Looking For

01. One who has already championed a local Mission of Hope with the capacity to attentively listen to the needs of the greater community;

02. Willingness to serve participating Health & Community service agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations with greater.

03. Rally local congregations to infuse leadership capital in the pursuit of resolving community riddles - commonly areas enumerated in the Great Mandate (Matthew 25:35-40);

04. Communicate service opportunities to Area Director and Coaches;

05.  Participate in monthly gatherings to discover what is happening across the state;

06.  Continue to spur missional innovation and biblical genero$ity throughout your County.