A Missional Movement

Relational Contact

01  Patio / Porch
As believers in Jesus as Son, Savior, & Lord we are Lighthouse Ambassadors.  Isn't it time for us to pray with believers in our neighbOURhood from the convenience of our front porch or backyard patio?

02  Prayer Walks  
The first "step" in loving our neighbors is to know their names, needs, & interests.  We will provide you with intimately local Prayer Reports as you pray and love the homes you walk past.

03  Prayer Cards
We provide quality Communication Cards as you begin to know and value your neighbors.  Conversationally receive information while the perforated card leaves your contact information with your neighbor.  It's simple.

04  Social Events
Leveraging the NextDoor.com website, it has become easy to invite neighbors socially.  It's always a blessing when we can get to know our extended neighbors at a local park.  We even provide micro-grants to spur others to coordinate.

Monthly Check-Ins

01 Discipled
Each role has a veteran practitioner willing and available to serve you in navigating the relational opportunities and challenges you will soon experience.

02 Discipler
Because you are a practitioner you are eligible to simultaneously disciple another by providing attentive listening and encouragement for their shared journey.

03 Connectionalism
You are not alone.  We enjoy monthly check-ins as we live as disciples who are receptive to being discipled by someone while intentionally offering to disciple another.  Our collective experience is our unity.

04 Innovation
Because we are connectional, the Spirit of the One Living God unleashes unrivaled creativity.  As we abide in Him and unto one another, His Spirit is poured out as we join His Son in this redemptive adventure to reach EVERY.

Missional Momentum

01  Crew Leader
A believer willing to pray with two (2) other neighboring believers.  At the core of the Gospel is an accountable discipleship demanding unparalleled obedience to His redemptive plan as unveiled in the Old and New Testament Scriptures.

02 Block Connector
A Crew Leader who has multiplied PIT Crews encourages fellow Crew Leaders from the perspective of a Census Block Group territory (about 1,500 residents).  Relational coordination of connectional prayer cards, social gatherings, and home-based discipleship.

03 NeighbOURhood Catalyst
A Block Connector who has inspired other Crew Leaders to become Connectors is likely qualified to disciple from the perspective of a local middle school boundary.  Missional responsibility is to cultivate relations with local educators cultivating opportunites for neighbors to serve.

04 County Coach
A NeighbOURhood Catalyst who aspires to rally local congregations and parishes to more fully engage in pre-existing community initiatives.  The Church has a significant role as engaged citizens.  Because we remain fully submitted to Lordship of Christ in our families and neighborhoods we are uniquely poised to become agents of local transformation.