Prayer is not passive. Prayer is an expectant exercise in obedience. We validate our love for God as we obey His precepts. Jesus is not just our Savior. He is our Lord. We are merely His servants aligned to His redemptive mission within our family, our neighbOURhood, local congregation, and community.

We make ourselves available to accept utmost responsibility for our preferred Geo-Unit (census block, zip code, or County). Fulfillment of the Great Commission is near due to the coordinated logistics as believers remain home.

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From Sermonizing to Reality.

Reaching EVERY with the Gospel is possible and practical.  

You are commissioned and commanded to share Christ’s love wherever you are, all day, every day. Your daily commute is a “daily mission trip” and it is vital that we view our school / workplace as our mission field. The fields are ripe unto a Harvest and the laborers are plentiful - yes, abundant. It's not from a lack of workers. It's a lack of intentionality and coordination.

Join us as we remain on mission together honoring our denominational distinctives. Mission is unleashed among those who enjoy the Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle. Accept missional responsibility for a local Geo-Unit and join an expansive network of believers yielded to Jesus who is God's Son, Our Savior, and Lord of all.

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Simple Lifestyle of Love.

We believe EVERY person in America should have the opportunity of being authentically loved by at least one committed follower of Jesus Christ within this decade. EVERY person should know God loves them and cares deeply about them.

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We continually seek to identify, develop, and deploy believers who desire to faithfully live out the Prayer - Care - Share lifestyle in their school, workplace, & neighborhood..


Leader Spotlight:

Student Spotlight

Terriontay Willis

Terriontay serves as a Block Connector creatively bringing neighbOURs together. All four congregations in his census block territory are participating exemplifying the unity Jesus prayed in John 15 - a Christian Missionary Alliance church plant, Missouri Synod Lutheran, Wisconsin Synod Lutheran, & Catholic parish!

Dear Pastor,

We invite pastors to the Sanctuary at The Cielo Vista Ranch.

The bond that is fostered in this Sanctuary is intense. We are committed to serving pastors to rekindle the God-sized calling the Lord instilled deep within you. We are here to host as He reawakens His desire in and through you. Our invitation is to be still and know He is God and He is well pleased.

The Cielo Vista Ranch