Prayer Journal


In David Jeremiah’s book “Prayer the Great Adventure” (page 224-235), David discusses the value of keeping a Spiritual Journal. Keeping a Spiritual Journal will help us effectively measure our spiritual progress and to hold ourselves accountable to God’s schedule for our lives.  Journaling not only provides a road map for where we have been, but also where we are going.

A Spiritual Journal is also a place for us to record the works and ways of God in our lives.  This journal can also include an account of daily events, a diary of personal relationships, a notebook of insights into scripture, and a list of prayer requests.  It is where spontaneous devotional thoughts or lengthy theological musings can be preserved.  A Spiritual Journal is one of the best places for charting progress and holding ourselves accountable to our goals.  The following are reasons why we should keep a Spiritual Journal:

  1. To remember what God is doing in our lives.
  2. To respond to life honestly.
  3. To reflect on the meaning of our experiences.
  4. To record the progress of our spiritual journey.
  5. To regain lost momentum.
  6. To learn how to pray specifically.
  7. To have a place to write down our prayers and to then read them to God.
  8. To have a place where we can write down the insights gained from reading God’s Word.
  9. To have a place where we can write down our joys, doubts and fears.
  10. To record what God is saying to us and what God is calling us to do.