Prayer Suggestions


Thank God for:

  • His love, support and grace
  • The opportunities that come with each day
  • The opportunities to help those in need
  • Those who help, teach and mentor me
  • Those who listen to me

Share with God my hopes and dreams.

Pray for:

  • Myself
  • A time and place to have my quiet time with God
  • The strength needed in resisting temptation
  • The courage to stand up for my convictions
  • Courage, strength and wisdom to challenge and to be challenged
  • Wisdom in doing God’s will
  • The strength to accept failure as part of life and the courage to try again
  • Help in listening to others
  • My family, friends and neighbors
  • All of the people that they will bring joy to those around them
  • The spiritual leaders of my church and denomination
  • People who are homeless and hungry
  • People who are unemployed and under employed
  • People who are sad and lonely
  • People who are ridiculed and for those who are ridiculing others
  • People who have life-threatening illnesses
  • People who are sick and or in the hospital
  • People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol
  • People who are in nursing homes
  • People who are in prison and their families
  • The person/people with whom I have had a disagreement
  • Patience with others
  • Friends who are facing peer pressure in making moral decisions
  • Families in divorce situations
  • Those who are victims of terrorism and who live in war-torn countries
  • My enemies and for those committing crimes and acts of terrorism