Why Pray?


Jennifer Kennedy Dean, the executive director of the Praying Life Foundation, in Blue Springs, Missouri wrote the following about the value of prayer in the March 2001 issue of the Decision magazine:  “Prayer is a key that God has placed in your hand.  Prayer is a conduit through which God’s power and provision flows.

“God loves you with a passion that you cannot begin to comprehend.  He desires to live in intimacy with you.  Prayer is much, much more than the words you say that come sandwiched between ‘Dear God’ and ‘Amen’.  Prayer is the continual interchange of love between you and the Father.  Prayer is openness to and an awareness of his presence and power in your life.  He wants full possession of your heart.  He wants you to live in the experience of His love for you.

The foundation of a prayerful life is knowing God.  God has made many promises in His Word, and when you know the Promiser, you can trust His promises.  When your focus is knowing God, you will come to trust His promises and the power of prayer will become your reality.

How do you come to know God more personally and intimately?  Soak yourself in His Word.  Absorb its truth and wisdom into your heart.  Live uncompromising obedience to Him.  Set aside a time each day to focus on Him without distractions.  Be in fellowship with others who have your passion for knowing Him.  As you keep your life open to God through these disciplines, you will come to know Him intimately, and you will come to trust Him.  Peace will be a natural state of your soul.  And you will find that you have moved from ‘saying prayers ‘to ‘living prayers”.

As I have spent time praying and developing this Prayer Guide for Christians I am convinced that prayer is much more than asking God for something. Prayer is our opportunity to connect with God in a very personal way.  When we pray, we have the opportunity to praise God, confess our sins to God, give thanks to God, and to ask God to intercede for us and others.

As we begin to live our prayers, let’s discover God’s truths as discovered in the Scriptures, listen to God, discover what God is calling us to do and then do what God is calling us to do.”

As we grow closer to God, we discover God’s voice for our lives. One of the results of recognizing God’s voice is that the ministries of our churches will become God’s ministries, doing the work of God as directed by God.   At this point we are in tune to what God wants us to be and do.